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#1 What is a Legacy and Why Should I Care?

#1 What is a Legacy and Why Should I Care?

August 7, 2017

Join host Robb Lucy in the first ever Legacy Café Podcast where he will gives his own take on what a legacy is and why we should care. 

You'll also be entertained with clips from some of the inspiring conversations he had on upcoming shows. We highly recommend listening to this premier show before any of the others because it establishes the foundation for everything to come. Enjoy!

#2 What are Legacy Stories? and… How Do I Collect Them?

#2 What are Legacy Stories? and… How Do I Collect Them?

October 1, 2017

Have you ever wished you gathered the story of someone whose tale you know would inform and entertain… but whose story is now gone?

Join Robb Lucy in a vibrant conversation with his panel of story-finders and story-tellers as they discuss the craft of gathering and preserving those memorable yarns.

#3 Yikes! All Those Old Family Pictures. What Now?

#3 Yikes! All Those Old Family Pictures. What Now?

October 1, 2017

Many of your legacy stories have already been recorded in old printed pictures and in digital images. Problem is, our old photos are fading away in closets, shoe boxes and albums, while our digital pictures are getting impossible to manage. What to do?

Join Robb Lucy’s conversation with Cathi Nelson, Founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO). You’ll learn practical tips and advice on how to turn photo-chaos into organized, and visual, legacy stories.

#4 Telling Your Story With Your Values…and more

#4 Telling Your Story With Your Values…and more

October 10, 2017

Both Dr. Barry Baines and our host Robb Lucy agreed: when each of them finished their own ‘Legacy Letter’ (or ‘Ethical Will'), they felt a great tranquility and peace of mind. What truly matters in their lives was now on paper.

You might call your Legacy Letter the “voice of my heart.” Or think of it as a love letter to your family. Every Legacy Letter is as unique as the person writing it.

What can be in it? Your values. Hopes and blessings for future generations. Life’s lessons. Love and forgiveness. You can find much more in Robb's book, or Barry's -"Ethical Wills. Putting Your Values on Paper".

Both Dr. Baines and Robb learned a lot about themselves when they wrote their Legacy Letter. After listening to this intriguing podcast, you might find your Legacy Letter helps you lead the life you want to be remembered for.

#5 Boomers and Legacy? Do Generations Think Differently?

#5 Boomers and Legacy? Do Generations Think Differently?

October 17, 2017

HANG ON BOOMERS! Michael Adams says we’re ‘self-centered spendthrifts, nostalgic tree-huggers, indulgent parents, aging hippies…. and sell-outs!’

YOWZA! Join Robb Lucy as he asks Michael (with trepidation) how we Boomers, and the generations before and after us, are approaching our legacies. Does each generation look at legacy differently?

Michael Adams is the president of the Environics group of research and communications consulting companies and the author of six books, including: STAYING ALIVE: how baby boomers will work play and find meaning in the second half of their adult lives. Michael is a noted commentator on social values and social change in North America, and a popular public speaker, offering topical, entertaining talks elaborating the data presented in his books.

Our parents (the ‘Elders’) gave to charities out of a sense of duty and self-sacrifice – nobles oblige. Their kids – the Boomers – don’t give out of ‘duty’. We want results. We want to see how we’ve changed the lives of others.

Adams calls Boomers ‘autonomous rebels’, whereas Millennials are ‘engaged idealists’. For instance, Boomers grew up with religion, then rebelled. The ‘post Boomers’ (Gen X + Y) are more exploratory, and less resentful. Boomers practiced traditional politics. Post Boomers aren’t disengaged, but engaged in new ways.

#6 Does Your Family Tree Need Nourishment?

#6 Does Your Family Tree Need Nourishment?

October 24, 2017

In the film National Treasure 2, Nicolas Cage’s character said, “Everything I am is because of my ancestors.”

Now, was he looking at his family tree… or listening to some family stories?

When you say ‘family tree’, that’s Genealogy, tracing the history of your family. These are the hard, cold facts: names, birth and death dates, places, and events like marriage and divorces.

And then we ask: does Genealogy help us find those memorable family history stories? Legacy stories that delight us and our descendants years from now?

When we find interesting family history and collect those stories, do they lead us back to fill in a few more leaves on the family tree?

Back and forth - the science of Genealogy to the joy of family history stories. Then those stories send us back to Genealogy, and the circle continues.

So, where should you start: Genealogy… or family history?

Join Robb and Jean Wilcox Hibben, a 40 year Genealogist working at circlemending.org, and President of the Southern California chapter of The Association. of Professional Genealogists, in a fascinating conversation about tying your family history to your family legacy.

#7 I Could Be a Philanthropist? Yup. But First, What’s Your Story?

#7 I Could Be a Philanthropist? Yup. But First, What’s Your Story?

October 31, 2017

A few questions about ‘philanthropy’?

  1. Is it about giving away all the cash when I die? NO
  2. Can I be a philanthropist without a seven-figure estate? YES
  3. Are the money guys changing to care about what I want? YUP, SOME ARE.

John A. Warnick is the founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute. He says they’re creating a revolution in the way they work with you, your money… and your ‘story’.

The money guys are catching up. They’re learning they need to understand your story so they can organize your philanthropy, so you can build the legacies that are meaningful to you. A scholarship… swings in the park… an international charity.....a special keepsake for the library.

Ready to say hello to your angels and heroes?

#8 Generativity. A New Way to Think About Legacy

#8 Generativity. A New Way to Think About Legacy

November 7, 2017

Want to create legacies that give meaning to your life?

Well, think differently.

Think ‘Generativity’.

Generativity is a mindset, and a process.  It’s a mindset that is concerned, and excited, about the future…. and your ability to benefit future generations. It’s a process to arrive at legacies that will enhance lives now, and in the future.

Just follow the few steps to ‘Generativity’ that John Kotre outlines here… and you’ll find yourself thinking differently.

“I loved this interview with John Kotre” said Robb Lucy. “It affirms that everything we do can affect our lives, and the lives of those that follow. If the world thought and acted in a 'generative way', it would be a very different place. So... let's start!"

#9 Creating Your Legacies for the Future

#9 Creating Your Legacies for the Future

November 15, 2017

Imagine that, centuries ago, you were laying a stone for a building that will take 50, 100, 150 years to complete. You won’t be alive when it’s finished. And those who will lay the final stones aren’t even born yet.

But you know everything you do now will have a long-term impact.  You enjoy laying each stone… knowing generations in the future will thank you for starting with that first brick. Your generation works today, but is tethered to the future.

“Cathedral Thinking” is ambitious, long term thinking. Cathedral Thinking will take that first step towards a brilliant idea that the future will say ‘thank you’ for. Your legacy is that idea, that 'Cathedral' you started.

It’s easy to think short term. But Rick Antonson, author, travel industry executive, and apostle of Cathedral Thinking, will help you lay that first stone of your long-term legacy.

#10 Go From Bickering to Bonding at the Holiday Dinner Table
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