Legacy Cafe Podcast

#4 Telling Your Story With Your Values…and more

October 10, 2017

Both Dr. Barry Baines and our host Robb Lucy agreed: when each of them finished their own ‘Legacy Letter’ (or ‘Ethical Will'), they felt a great tranquility and peace of mind. What truly matters in their lives was now on paper.

You might call your Legacy Letter the “voice of my heart.” Or think of it as a love letter to your family. Every Legacy Letter is as unique as the person writing it.

What can be in it? Your values. Hopes and blessings for future generations. Life’s lessons. Love and forgiveness. You can find much more in Robb's book, or Barry's -"Ethical Wills. Putting Your Values on Paper".

Both Dr. Baines and Robb learned a lot about themselves when they wrote their Legacy Letter. After listening to this intriguing podcast, you might find your Legacy Letter helps you lead the life you want to be remembered for.